Sunday, April 6, 2008

Little Picassa

We have a proffessional artist in the family... Izzy! She loves to draw anything, especially princesses and mean boys: )

Thomas turns 1!!

March 16, 2008
Thomas celebrated his first birthday. He got a red wagon and little people for his birthday. He had a fun birthday party with his cousins and got lots of presents and ate cake!!

Snake Charmer

Izzy goes to my same dance studio and is also in the ballet recital Aladdin. She is a snake charmer and is a natural ballerina.

Easter 2008

Stacie and i were glad that the Easter bunny made it to our house safely with lots of candy and gift cards to put in our baskets!!

St.Patricks Day

March 2008
This last St. Patricks Day my mom gave me nail polish and a notepad.
She is such a nice mom!

Aladdin practice

At my dance studio we are learning our recital dances. For ballet I am a genie in the production Aladdin!!

Rock On!!

While my parents went to St. George I stayed with Shannon, Tyler, Thomas, and Izzy. We went to the Clark Planetarium Downtown and the Gateway. We bought tickets to what we thought was a show about the earth and rocks. But it happened to be a show about rock music. It was still a lot of fun and Izzy and Thomas loved it!!

Double Birthdays!

On January 24, 2008 both Izzy and Stephanie celebrated their birthdays. Steph turned 25 and Izzy turned 3. We opened presents and had eclairs for dessert.
Happy Birthday Steph and Izzy!!!